Sunday, July 22, 2012

Guest Blogger!

I've been neglecting my little blog lately. Recovering from my accident and subsequent job loss has left me a bit uninspired. So today I'll turn over the keyboard to Princess Pout, who has plenty of opinions on everything.

Hay there! It's about damned time my human stepped aside and gave me some spotlight. She insists that my first post here be a sort of PSA. Since she controls my food I'd guess I better humor the squirrely blonde.
It's summer, which means it gets hot. If you think you're suffering, try it with fur or feathers. Not all animals sweat, which means it's harder for us to cool ourselves off when the temperature rises.
If you won't get in your car without the air conditioner on, don't expect your pet to either. Don't leave your pet locked in the car, not even for a minute.
We need lots more water in the hot weather. If you're coming home from work and water bowls are empty, fergawdsake add another bowl. We don't care if it matches the other bowls or your decor, that's a human thing. We need water. Dump the bowls out often, give them a good scrub and add fresh water. We stay more hydrated when the water is fresh.
Those metal lick-it things that attach to faucets for dogs to drink out of. If you really want to use one of those, at least put it on a faucet that's in the shade. Think about it.
Speaking of shade, those of us who live outside all day need some kind of shade, whether it's a tree or a small shelter. It doesn't have to be something out of Better Barns and Manure Piles, just a place to go to get out of the heat. It's also a place to get out of the rain during winter, so it does double duty. My former stall mate, the Gay Bay, never went under the cover when it rained. When I questioned his sense, he said it was because when he was on the track he was always locked in a stall unless he was running. I think it's because he liked to spy on the neighbor.
Summer also means pests and insects. It's bad enough out in the heat without stuff crawling all over you or flying and landing on you. So take care of it for us since we can't do it ourselves. Use fly sprays, and flea/tick control for the dogs and cats. Avoid standing pools of water which attract mosquitos, carriers of heartworm, encephalitis and West Nile Virus. See why I said to change our water often?
There's a flake of hay coming with my name on it, so I'll sign off for now. Don't forget to tip your guest blogger.
Hooves and tails,