Saturday, August 6, 2011

Some Favorite Things-Human Edition

Despite being constantly covered in dirt and hair, and dressing like a candidate for the People of WalMart website, I love girly things like hair and makeup products. I don't have the inclination to do a beauty blog, but there are so many fabulous ones out there, I don't have to. Here are a few of my favorites:

H2O Plus Spa Hand and Nail Cream
Pricey, yes, but it works, and a little goes a long way. The skin on my hands gets trashed with my job and lifestyle. I've still got half a tube left and I bought this in February, and I use it daily. I prefer the unscented.

H2O Plus Face Oasis Moisturizer
Another product where a little goes a long way. Perfect for my cranky oily skin, and it's cooling effect is a wonderful "ahh" feeling for skin that's been outside all day. There's no SPF in this though, so if it's used in the daytime, sunscreen is still needed. I use it at night.
**Note on H2O Plus products-I linked these to the manufacturers webpage, but they're available in other places. I bought these at Ulta. Which leads me to a semi-rant. I do a major haulage at Ulta a couple of times a year, whenever the 20% off coupons come out. The prices with the coupon means major stock up time for me. It used to be that the Ulta I go to had exceptional customer service. I got totally ignored on this last visit, except by the rep from this company.  Get your shit together Ulta.

Lucky 107 Cosmetics
I tried this company out recently based on a blogger's review. I'm really impressed by the eye shadows. Great color, easy to blend, and they stay on even with sweating in 100 degree weather. The owner's got her game on  and the customer service is excellent. I haven't tried her lip products but I have some of her lip scrubs on the way.  She just closed her Artfire shop and gearing up to launch her own site, so for now, ordering would have to be done by email, which is why I've linked to her facebook page. My favorite so far is the Sweet Tooth collection.

Linnaeus Cosmetics
I saved the best for last. I learned about this company from bloggers when she was on Etsy. Marin, the owner is a vet student who has created these fabulous shadows based on animals and wildlife. I can get lost in reading about the animals that inspire each collection on the website. The customer service and attention to detail are unequaled, with the packaging (hand stamped stationary, personal note, products in a hand stamped bag tied with raffia) being as exciting as the products themselves. Several bloggers have swatched these shadows, and it's worth a Google visit to check them out. I recently gifted some these shadows, elevating my status to "favorite relative."

So, above are a few things I like. Feel free to comment, or share some of the things you like, too.

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  1. Im an eminence skincare gal - organically and greeny startup expensive but a little goes a loooong way, lasting me 6 months - so it ends up cheap in the long run - I love the stone crop line especially...

    thanks for the heads-up on the cosmetic line - gonna go check it out!