Monday, February 7, 2011


Occasionally, I'll do a Google search on our practice and read the reviews. Many are not very complimentary.  Further research shows that most of the others have their share of bad reviews too.
Since I'm employed by a small business and married to a small business owner, I prefer to support small businesses and indy companies. And since the advent of the internet, many of the places I frequent aren't brick and mortar stores, but internet companies. So I do check reviews, and read what bloggers have to say about them. A negative review doesn't necessarily frighten me away, but I keep the information in mind when I'm making purchasing choices.

I'm noticing a trend on some of my favorite blogs: negative reviews by a blogger brings a shitstorm of  nasty comments from those who support and like the company. There's nothing wrong with saying "hey sorry your experience was bad, I've always had good luck."  But nasy vicious personal attacks on the blogger do nothing but keep those of us who lurk (and there's way more us who lurk rather than post) far away from the company. Who wants to shell out hard earned money to somebody with rabid batshit supporters?
So those of you who are new to indy internet business, you need to learn one thing quickly: not everyone is going to love you. Not all the reviews will be gushing. Put on your big girl panties and get over it. How you handle the negativity is going to make a big difference in your reputation, because that is what customers remember.
Now, on to other annoyances. To the ass clowns who insist on being in front of me for reasons known only to them: I get that you are in a hurry and don't want to follow me.  I'm just thrilled for you that you got to the red light first and have to spend 5 seconds waiting instead of the half second you'd have if you stayed behind me. But since you insist on being in front, for crissake get your thumb out of your butt and step on the damn accelerator pedal. You know, the skinny one on the right.

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