Saturday, May 14, 2011

Closing Time....

I've mentioned before that we have shot clinics every Saturday. We are only open half days on Saturday, and unlike most offices that do vaccine clinics we also see medical patients. Shot clinics are on a walk in basis, first come first served and are basically in and out. Go in, vet gives the shot, pay, get paperwork and leave. Unlike some practices, the vet at our office gives all the vaccines. It's insanely busy with lines going outside. Medicals in the middle, which take up a great deal of time, tend to bottleneck the line. So I try to get our medical patients booked in the hour before the shot clinic insanity. I have no problem with true emergencies and am more than willing to stay beyond closing to help out when they truly happen. Here's a few simple Saturday rules:

Shot clinic has been every Saturday during these times for years. It's posted in the newspaper, on your pet's shot records that we give you, and on the postcard we send you reminding you that your pet's shots are due.
If you come in when we open or before the designated time, you will have to either wait or pay full price.
If you show up when the vet is already in his car ready to head home, no discount.

No, I can't honor shot clinic prices during the week. Yes, I know your life is busy, you just tied me up for 15 minutes on the phone telling me about it. No, I won't make an exception for you. You're not that special, and since you're annoying me, I don't like you anyway.

Yes, you may have to wait at shot clinic. No, I don't know how long it will be. If you'd gotten in line a few hours ago you'd have spent less time here than you have on the 16 phone calls asking me how long the wait is.

If your pet is sick, get your ass in here as early as possible. It's not fun to wait with a sick pet. Don't wait until 5 minutes before we close to bring in an animal  that's been sick for 3 weeks. We're already working past our posted hours now, so stop bitching about what we charge you to treat the pet you've turned into a skeleton with your neglect.

Your lack of planning is not my emergency.

I am locking the doors at closing time and your ass had best be on the other side of them.

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