Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Boss Man was out of the country last week, so we had several different vets who came in and took over. Normally this is a nice break. It's nice to watch how others do things, and pick their brains, get their opinions. However, 2 of these vets work at corporate veterinary clinics. The advantage to corporate vet clinics is that the corporation is footing all the costs. The equipment and supplies are all state of the art and since the corporation is doing the accounting, the vet just does vet work. Everything is there, including plenty of help, and the vet doesn't have to do anything but be a vet.
The downside of this is of course, price. Which gets passed on to the client. The staff has a quota to meet, they must bring in more revenue than the cost of their salaries. Which means everyone there is upselling. The vets and staff must do everything according to corporate rules, which means nobody is actually permitted to use their brains and think outside of the box.
As I've mentioned before, where I work is ghetto. We're in an area that is the hardest hit by the recession. Cost is carefully monitored, and we don't waste things. We're one step above being a charity hospital, in fact, we do work with charities that help pay for some of our patient's needs. Many times we're treating animals not to the ideal standard, but by what standard the owner can afford to pay.
I've had an intense dislike of corporate veterinary offices long before I worked in the industry. I won't go into the reasons why, since they know why they suck, suffice to say I won't be taking one of my pets to one.
 So I get two of these assclowns. To prove that God has a sense of humor, one of my coworkers is also out of town so I'm working double shifts with them. I hate whiners, and I had a pair of them. "I can't do a good job in these conditions, with this equipment. I can't believe you work this way. We charge 5 times the price for this at my place, the client better know what a good deal she's getting having me do this for her for this price."
One thing I hate worse than whining is a sense of entitlement. And they had plenty of that. I actually had to call clients and reschedule surgeries, since they refused.
So I finally get through the week to Saturday. Shot clinic day. Another new vet. It looks to be busy, with vaccines and plenty of medicals as well, which are always rough on a Saturday. A man approaches the door. He's got a haircut that looks like something I'd do with a bowl and the surgical clippers. Thick glasses. Polyester pants that don't quite go to the top of his bright white loafers. If Revenge Of The Nerds was being remade in his country, he'd get the lead. He looks lost, and I'm hoping like hell I can understand his English.
"Hi, I'm Doctor_____.  I'm a relief vet at several different private practices. Just show me where things are, tell me what your policies are, and I'll adjust, I'm used to it."
I was ready to propose.
Naturally, the first client he had to deal with was one of the worst. This woman would actually have to evolve a few levels to get an assclown label. I felt like I was throwing this poor guy under the bus, but he handled it beautifully. As crazy busy as we were, it was one of the best Saturdays I worked in a long time. But I'm glad that week is over.

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  1. Your description of the vet cracks me up! Thats awesome he was so good to work with!