Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Favorite Things-Pet Edition

Rather than save them all up for the holiday season, I'd thought I'd discuss some things I personally like. If you'd like to ask my opinion on something, please feel free to ask. I've got plenty of opinions. Everything reviewed here was purchased with my own money and I'm not compensated for my opinions on them.

Greenies Pill Pockets:

I'm not a fan of the Greenies dog chews at all, but it's about time someone came up with something easier for those of us who need to give medicine to our pets on a regular basis. They make them for cats, but my cats won't touch them. My old dog who takes a pill daily, loves them.

Natural Balance Dog Treat Rolls

I love these. They can be cut into pea sized bites for dog training.  Most dog trainers will tell you to use something of a "higher food value" for higher stress/distraction situations and these fit the bill nicely. I don't take the dog out in public without them.

Easy Walk Harness:

Recommended to me by a dog trainer, this harness has its leash rings in the front. It's wonderful for large dogs that pull. They can still pull in this harness, but not with the strength that they use with a neck collar, and you're not yanked off of your feet. Great for training as you have control without the dog gagging. My dog doesn't leave home without it.

Epona Shed Flower:

I've been using these on my horses for awhile, and I've given many as gifts to horse friends. No hand fatigue with these, and you can use them to knock mud off sensitive spots like legs, where a shedding blade or metal currycomb shouldn't go. I've recently started using these on my old dog with Cushing's as she's shedding hair like crazy, and even the cats tolerate it.

Goodlife Cat Treats:

I've never used this brand of food, but I recently got some samples of these treats. They are like crack to the Catfather. So I'm recommending them at his insistence.

Mane and Tail Spray White:

As much as I love white markings on animals, I hate trying to keep them looking white. Spray on, scrub in and rinse. It's one of the best whitening products I've found that's easy to use at a reasonable price.

So here it is. See anything you like? What have you tried that you love or hate?

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