Friday, August 17, 2012

Chase Bank:Hypocritical Ass Clowns

Watch the video above. I've been a long time VolunTIER and supporter of True Innocents Equine Rescue aka TIER. TIER, and the founder, Gail Gleeson, has been dedicated to helping abused and neglected horses find permanent homes. To date, TIER has assisted 800 (yes that is eight hundred) horses. Gail has also helped found the Riverside County Horse Coalition, dedicated to helping horses in need. This is a true community service.

You won't find fancy trimmings at TIER. What you will find are horses that are recovering from serious neglect and abuse that are well fed and taken care of. Some of them were hours away from death and are now on the road to recovery because of TIER's efforts.

Despite the wonderful donors and volunteers, essentially TIER is a one woman act. Every penny donated goes to the needs of the residents and I've lost count of how many times Gail has had to reach into her own pocket to make up the difference. Unlike many other rescues, TIER has taken unsound horses, those who spend the rest of their lives as pasture pets. There have been some that have had to go straight to the vets to be euthanized because a former owner wouldn't do the right thing by the horse that served them so well.

Sadly, there's been a predicament. Gail refinanced her home, which is where TIER is located, then later lost her job. She has been making payments to Chase Bank who has somehow screwed up the paperwork. Earlier this week she finds a notice that her property is going up for auction. A phone call to some random person at Chase gives her the info that her property was foreclosed on in late 2011.

WTF kind of country is this that Chase Bank can foreclose on a property owner without proper notification?! Isn't that a notice that needs to served with proof of service? Had she been aware of the foreclosure back then, she could have done something, instead of this last minute mad scramble.

And Chase Bank, sponsors of the Kentucky Derby and the Keeneland Thoroughbred sales are going to put 34 horses and 3 donkeys and the only person who stood by them out of their homes?  When horses like these from events that Chase sponsors are no longer making money, those that don't go to slaughter end up in places like TIER, which are in short supply. How hypocritical can you get?

TIER's Facebook page is here if you'd like to help or see what the rescue is all about. I don't bank with Chase since I've never liked them, but if I did I'd be closing my accounts. And making a "deposit". One of Princess Pout's.

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