Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rock The Dogs And Other Random Musings

It's been awhile, and my poor little blog has been sorely neglected, time for an update.

An attorney who very generously donated his time was able to stop the TIER property auction. It's in a holding pattern now, hopefully enough time to get the next move sorted out. Meanwhile, through a grant and some fundraising, TIER was able to send two of their most needy residents for some training. Both Chino and Autumn have been so traumatized by humans that it's very difficult to do the most basic care for them. The goal is to be able to put a halter on them and have them let the farrier trim their feet. These are the kind of horses TIER helps, which is why it's so necessary to be able to keep them going. The facebook page is here  and their website is here.

Another worthwhile charity has come across my desk. It's called Tazzy Fund/Rock The Dogs. It's run by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Cambell and his wife Marcie. They're doing some fundraising: check out their facebook page and their ebay auctions. This is a great way to donate to a good cause and make a Petty fan (like me) on your Christmas list happy. I'm really hoping they'll start selling T shirts, since my unemployment budget keeps me from bidding on any of their auctions.

I'm so relieved that this election is over. WTF is up with the radical right and why must their crap be all over my facebook page? I realize I have the rebel without a clue thing going, but I'm still shocked and surprised at the vitriol being spewed all over the social media. We're supposed to be an evolved society. NOT

The days are getting shorter and every fly in the area has moved into my house. That's how I know winter is coming.

I'm going to try to make a point of updating this blog more often. People are still assclowns, and there are more stories to tell. But for now, back to the manure pile.

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