Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Dreaded E Collar (cone)

I hate these things. The pets hate them, the clients hate them. But they're a necessary evil. Despite all the wonderful new alternatives (which we don't carry because they're pricey) there are some instances where only the E collar will keep the pet from licking, scratching, chewing, picking pawing, etc., the affected area. We don't send a pet home with an E collar because we want to laugh at you. I've had more clients argue with me because their pets are being sent home with an E collar than anything else we've prescribed. Again, it's your pet and your choice, but if your pet doesn't get well, rips out its sutures or does further damage to itself because you won't bother with an E collar, you're going to have another vet bill.


  1. Ahh the E it and hate it! I hate when my dog runs into everything when she has one on. But I love it because it provides me with cheap entertainment. I know, I'm awful! My heeler/boarder collie had one on not too long ago. She is an insane fetcher and managed to find sticks with that thing on to play fetch with! Shes a crazy dog.

  2. Most pets adjust to those things pretty quickly. Their owners don't.

  3. My family prefers to call it the Cone of Shame.