Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Few Facts About Veterinary Offices-Calling the Vet's Office

Your veterinarian has had as much schooling as your personal doctor. It is harder to get into vet school than medical school. Respect your vet as a professional, even if you personally don't like him/her.
The person who answers the phone is NOT A VET. Nobody at the vet's office has the abilities to see through walls or psychic powers. We can't diagnose your pet's problem over the phone, nor give you an exact price for what it will cost you without seeing the animal in our office. Don't ask. It is reasonable to describe the symptoms and ask if it should been seen immediately or can wait a day or two.
Price quotes over the phone are not binding on our part, so don't bitch when it costs more than what you were quoted. See above. Once you are in our office and have had an examination done, you have the right to ask what it will cost to treat and then it is your choice.
When you call and need an appointment, have a clear idea what days and times are good for you. Let us know and we'll do our best to work with you. No, we will not sit around after closing time and wait, so know before you dial what works.
The clients and animals in our office have priority over phone calls. If you are on hold for too long or get disconnected, we are sorry you are frustrated. Don't be nasty.
No, I don't know why Dr. X's prices are cheaper than ours. Call Dr. X and make an appointment with him instead of spending your time berating me for it.
Ask what forms of payment we accept when you call.
We have certain hospital policies. You are welcome to ask, and make your choice before you bring your pet in. If you have a problem with them, find someone else, instead of spending time arguing about it.
Yes, he is my boss, and yes, you've made it clear you think he is an ass. He signs my paycheck so don't expect me to badmouth him to you. He will continue to be an ass, and if that bothers you, find another vet. It's your pet and your choice.

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