Saturday, July 10, 2010

Prescriptions for your pet

Our office handles your pet's prescriptions. If your pet is on medication for the rest of its life, call us ahead and we will get your refill ready.
There's tons of ads on TV for cheaper prescription medications. Federal law requires that there is a current prescription from a vet. Veterinary law is also governed by the state the vet practices in. Some states require that a vet give a prescription if asked, others don't. If you're unsure, call your state's veterinary licensing board.
Our state does not require a vet to give out prescriptions, but we do it as a courtesy to SOME of our clients who ask. A few things to remember:
It is a courtesy. Be courteous.
The vet supply sells to people all over the country. We are one office. Since their buying power is much larger than ours, their prices are cheaper. We can't even buy our medicines for the price they are selling to you.
Certain conditions require that your pet get a new blood test periodically. If the blood reports are not current, we won't authorize a refill. Likewise, we won't authorize an unlimited supply.
Certain drugs are a registered narcotic and can only be purchased by you through a human pharmacy since the vet places don't stock them. These require the prescribing doctor to have a DEA number. Processing these takes a longer period of time, so plan accordingly. The worst places I've had to deal with (also with the lowest prices) are Rite Aid and They are so backed up they often tell my clients that we've never faxed in an authorization when we did. I've gotten in the habit of jotting down the date and time I've sent the fax just before I run it through the fax. If you use either one of these places, call your refills in early to allow for this kerfluffle.
If the last time we've seen your pet is more than a year ago we won't okay a refill.
If the last time we've seen your pet is more than a year ago and you paid us with a bad check that you never bothered to make good on, we won't okay a refill. Nice try.
Just because we've seen your pet and now she has symptoms of something we haven't seen but you're sure what it is and know how to treat it you just need the medicine, we won't give it to you.
No, we can't refill a prescription from another vet just because you bring us a bottle. If your pet is not our patient you need to go to the prescribing vet.
I'm sorry your pet is sick and no, I can't give you medicine for it without seeing the vet because a) I'm not a vet and b)it's illegal. I have no desire for a new career making license plates.
Like human medications, once they're dispensed, they are yours. We can't take them back and give you a refund. Federal law.
Although I hate the "open and shove" method for my own pets, sometimes it's the only way to get the medicine down them. There's a wonderful invention called Pill Pockets if your pet will eat them. You may have to get very creative to get the medicine in your pet. And, yes we can tell if your pet is getting her medicine or not.

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