Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's a Tie!

I've promised it, now here it is: The First Annual Cranky CatWrangler Ass Clown of the Year Awards! Since I can't pick a single one, this dubious honor is shared among a few:

This piece of shit- I'm not going to retype the experience again, since I only get more angry.

The freebie: I've seen more than a few tricks to try to get out of paying the bill, but this woman has turned it into an art form. She brought her cat in for vaccines. A few days later the cat is sick with a urinary blockage, which isn't uncommon in cats, especially male. The cat needed to be hospitalized, and because of her finances, we agreed to let her pay by post dated checks, since she was an old client and in need. First, she insisted that the vaccines caused the problem, which is not the case. Then she faked a heart attack in our waiting room. When that didn't work, a few days later she requested copies of her pet's file. When she came to pick them up, she informed me that she was turning us in to the state veterinary board. I happily supplied our license number. Since we still didn't take the bait and give her free services, she stopped payment on the checks she wrote us. We are in the process of prosecuting her. The sad outcome of this is that we have stopped a 30 year policy of accepting post dated checks for services, which hurts our honest clients.

The psycho: This idiot literally flipped out when informed he'd need to pay for his cat's second vaccine. I've had people get truly upset over their pet's condition, but his actions were so over the top over something simple as a vaccine. He was screaming in our faces, and it got worse when I asked him to either calm down or leave. I started to call the police and he was screaming at me to bring them on. Note: if a business owner asks you to leave and you refuse, it is a trespass, and the police can and will remove you. This man is dangerous and needs either confinement or medication. I feel sorry for his cat.

Well there you have it. The competition was fierce. It's a new year, and one that I'm sure will bring ass clownery to new levels. If life were fair, their prize would be to spend an hour in a small room with hellcat after he's had a full meal and a tube of laxative. But I'll have to settle for wishing for the best for their pets.

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