Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Now I've Seen The Worst-Here It Is

I'm making a placeholder here. When my temper cools down, I'll post the details.
Every time I think I see something bad, some ass clown does something worse. For the most part the Ass Clowns I deal with do care for their animals, they're just difficult to deal with.
The inhuman piece of shit I dealt with today would have to redeem himself on many level to raise himself to Ass Clown status.
To quote another blogger in the service industry, I need to kick off my shoes and have a huge bottle of Fukitol.
** Warning, this gets graphic, don't be eating or drinking if you want to read further*****
This idiot calls first thing in the morning. His dog gave birth to puppies, and she's been straining to deliver another one for over an hour. He wants to know the cost of the cesarean section, stating "I can't afford that". I tell him that he should at least have the dog examined, give him the price, and he hems and haws. I ask him if he plans to let his dog die and he agrees to bring the dog in. Calls and asks if he should bring the puppies as well, and I tell him to.
So he gets to the office, driving up in a brand new sporty BMW. We can see a puppy hanging out of the dogs rear end, which is dripping green liquid. I go fill up the bucket and grab the mop. Boss Man tells him he needs an x ray, which he agrees to, and also the shot to see if we can get her to deliver the remaining puppies herself. The dog has delivered 8 puppies already.
So we do the x ray, he tells me that he is broke because he had to pay the stud fee of $2000, but he's sold 2 of the puppies at $2000 each already, so he's made his money back. X ray gets done, Boss Man tells him to let the dog nurse her puppies while it's developing. So we spread out a towel, and she gets down to business.
X ray reveals the stuck puppy, and one other puppy in the birth canal. Boss Man says we can try the shot, but it may be a C section after all. So I make room for mom and puppies in large kennel. Boss Man sends him and his girlfriend out, telling them to get a snack or something, it's going to be a wait.
Meanwhile, the phone is ringing off the hook, regular clients are in, and it's mass confusion with just me and Boss Man there. The phone calls aren't of the quick answer variety, and it takes much longer to check each client out, make their pet's prescriptions up, etc.
Just as Boss Man is about to give up, the shot kicks in and he's able to deliver the stuck puppy, which is dead, along with the live one behind it.
So there's 9 live puppies, a live mother, and thousands of dollars saved. The bill comes to $50 measly dollars over what he was originally quoted at the time of the x ray.
The bastard has the nerve to bitch about the bill. Threw a fit in front of me, Boss Man, and the clients in the waiting room, stating that he only wanted the shot. He refused any other treatment of his dog, who really needed it. Boss Man discounted it to get him the hell out of our office.
Even worse, he and his waste-of-air stick figure girlfriend with the off center Bumpit let that dog travel all over our reception area, surgery area, and kennel room, leaving smears of green liquid. They saw how crazy busy we were with other clients plus trying to save his dog and her puppies, and didn't even offer to help clean up the mess. There was nowhere you could step or touch that wasn't covered in green liquid. I had to wait on the people who were still in the office before I could mop it up. AND, he and stick figure left all their food and trash behind in the waiting room.
Boss Man has been in practice for 30 years, and he told me that was the worst person he'd ever dealt with. Not even a thank you for saving his dog. I feel for the dog, she's nothing but a money making commodity to him, proper care is not something that is in his vocabulary. He is an inhuman piece of shit that shouldn't have any animals. He give a bad name to dog breeding in general and pit bull breeders in particular. He'd best never cross my path again.
At the end of my shift, Boss Man and I have to do something rare: make a house call. A family dog needs to be put down, and the owners are too frail to load a large, ill dog in the car to go to the vet's office. The bill is more than what we charged the guy this morning. The family thank us for helping them out and tell us how grateful they are for our help.
What a day.

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