Monday, March 21, 2011

Full Moon Fever...

Or is it a whole new graduating class of ass clown school eager to get The Cranky Catwrangler Ass Clown of the year on their resume?
First client in is a woman with a cat spay. She had arranged with a charity to help her with the cost of the spay, then was upset that the donation was so little. In this economy, there is only one charity left that helps with the cost of spay/neuter surgeries that can be done at a vet's office, as opposed to having it done at the local animal shelter. Funds are tight, and they handle several hundred requests daily. I pointed out to her that the charity had given her 4 times the amount they usually give for cat spays.
Second was a guy who had gotten a set of vaccines for his puppy, and was back for the second round. According to him, we had told him that this round of shots were paid for, they were not, and we told him so. He tried to argue, but we weren't budging on that one.
Third was a kid with a dog in for a spay that was over an hour late. He brought a check from his mom for $100 less than the cost of the surgery, and claimed he was quoted the lesser price. He left with his dog without getting the surgery.
I also had several people call for price quotes then complain about the prices. We are not vendors at a stall in a Tijuana market, we're a business and we don't work for free.
Seriously, WTF is wrong with people? Hubby had a guy come in last week. His business does not accept paper checks, and there are signs all over stating that fact. He pointed that out to the guy who insisted on writing the check. The guy ripped the sign down and threw it in the trash. Hubby threw the guy and his check off the property.
Now to top off my day. We had a client who came in on an appointment with a cat. The cat had ripped through the cardboard carrier, so she borrowed a leash (which is a rope with a loop) to bring the cat in from the car. The cat got away from her and ran off. I went out to try to help her and the cat ran across the busy street and climbed a tree in the median strip.
I think I mentioned that Animal Control in the town I work in, plus the surrounding cities, is contracted out to the Humane Society. Long ago, in another time, they did a wonderful job. Now they're under the control of some megalomaniac who wants to play Animal Cop and have his own show on Animal Planet. They're happy to hand out tickets and harass anyone they want to, but actual service to the taxpayers who pay their salary is non existent. But since they are in charge, I called them about the cat in the tree.
I spoke to some snarky bitch who snarled that they don't get animals out of trees. I told her the can could be caught by a catch pole. They never showed up. I called the Fire Department, who also refused to come. So under Boss Man's direction (and for once it was a good one), I called the local newspaper and explained the situation: a disabled woman whose cat escaped was up a tree in the median of a busy street, and none of the "public service" entities would help her. And I should  mention that the reason she was bringing the cat to the vet was because the cat had a scrape on her back and the Humane Society had given her a warning to have the cat seen by a vet or they would take her away.
The local police came and  hopefully they can help her out. I loaned her a large cat carrier and some canned cat food, hopefully to entice the cat down to safety. As it does every Ostara here, it was pouring rain when I left work.
Yes, it was a Monday.

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  1. Wow! What a day! I can't believe all the people wanting things for free or at discounts. Oh wait... yes I can! I think its a sign of the times! My thought is: if you can't afford to have pets and take proper care of them, maybe you should have them!

    Hope Tuesday goes better than Monday!