Sunday, March 27, 2011

Obviously I Overestimated..

..the average IQ of some of the pet owners that come into our office. Here's the scenario:
Owner A buys a yellow Lab puppy as a family pet and brings it to our office for the first set of shots. When the novelty wears off and the kids start ignoring the dog (big surprise there) she gives the dog to owner B. Since I'm not part of the transaction, I don't know the specific details of what information about the dog A gave to B.
Owner B brings the dog in to be neutered, and tells us that dog once belonged to A. I look up A's records, note that the dog still needs more vaccines, which I inform B about. Dog is neutered, vaccinated and it's all good.
10 months later Owner B calls inquiring about whether the dog needs a new rabies shot. The dog had a rabies shot when it belonged to A, and it's now several months expired. B is upset that we didn't send her a reminder card. Of course this lengthy phone call comes in when I'm by myself, trying to clean kennels.
I explain to the newest member of the Get A Clue Club that the reminder cards are made when the pet is vaccinated, then they are stored and sent out when it's time to revaccinate. Obviously, the reminder card went to owner A who didn't bother to tell B about it. Owner B spends at least 5 minutes on the phone berating me about the oversight.
Really?! Over a rabies shot?! Had B been an honest person and actually licensed the dog like the law says, the county would have let her know the dog needed another rabies shot. And with all the expensive electronic media out there that people have to remind them of important events she's going postal with me over a 15 cent postcard?!
The friendly people at Starbucks tell me this happens all the time. I'd last maybe 15 minutes there.
Maybe it was Berate Someone Who Can't Tell You Where to Shove It day. Or she was upset over something else and I got the brunt of it. I would have loved to tell her how ignorant she was, but she wasn't worth wasting my breath on.
 With everything that's happening in the world right now, I wish my life were going so smoothly that not getting a postcard was the biggest problem I have.

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  1. Nice.... some people just don't get it! I agree, she probably had some other issue going on that day and decided to take it out on you. It's a late rabies shot. It's not the end of the world!