Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Shout Out To Some Deserving People

Combining my love of the colorful and my affinity for unusual looking animals, I have discovered the joy of being owned by a Catahoula Leopard Dog. I have totally fallen in love with the breed. (The dog in the picture is not my dog.)
Catahoulas are not for everyone, they are energetic (but not the high energy of a Lab or German Shorthair), assertive (as opposed to agressive), need a dominant human, and at least an hour's worth of exercise daily. If you're looking for a running companion, have a large space for a dog to run, and want an intelligent constant companion, consider the Catahoula.
I got mine as a puppy out of the local county kill shelter, and since they are a rarity in these parts,  I hit the internet to find out more. And discovered  Catahoula Rescue Inc., which is a non profit organization dedicated to rescuing this wonderful breed. The tireless volunteers find Catahoulas and Catahoula mixes in kill shelters and work on getting them out and transported to either foster or forever homes. Volunteers are always needed, either to foster or transport them to their new homes. I realize that with the high cost of gas that offering to transport may be a strain on someone otherwise willing, but if you are planning  to travel by car somewhere, or you drive for a living, consider having a colorful passenger. Check their message boards for the dogs who need transport if you're interested in helping them out.
Through the Catahoula rescue I also discovered another wonderful organization called  Pilots N Paws These are pilots who transport rescued pets who need rides to their new home. They are all volunteers, and these wonderful men and women have made a difference to countless pets who need a second chance at a better life.
Both of these organizations are worth checking out.

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