Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mail Call

Dear Cranky CatWrangler:
I was in your office with my friend's dog a few weeks ago and your vet said she had Parvo. The bill was $200 which was way too expensive. The dog died that day and we didn't use any of the medicine we got. The vet should have told us the dog was going to die. If he can look at the teeth and tell us the age of the dog he should be able to tell us the dog won't live. I want my money back since the dog didn't live. This is a bad vet.
Unhappy ex customer

Dear Ass Clown:
First let me tell you how sorry I am your dog didn't make it. It is always very sad when a pet passes away.
What makes you an Ass Clown is that you think we can make that kind of guarantee. We can only tell you how serious it is and offer treatment options. The best option, hospitalization, was not in your budget. The second option wasn't either, so we did our best with sending home medicine to care for the dog at home. We told you that in the beginning. Since you brought in a half dead dog and suddenly decided that it needed vaccinations (which we won't do on a sick dog) that should have been done months ago, I'm sure you fail to understand the simple basics:
An animal is not a piece of machinery where you fix a part and it's like new again. Many things depend on recovery:
The animal's immune system and constitution.
The care it gets.
Whatever deity you choose to believe in.
We've had sicker animals than yours make a complete recovery, and we've lost ones that aren't as sick. It's a roll of the dice and hard to call. If you want a prediction, call the Psychic Friends Network. If we had that ability, we'd have seen your dumb ass coming and flipped up the Closed sign and locked the doors. The day you wise up is the day we have the ability to make chicken salad from chicken shit.

Not So Fondly,
Cranky Catwrangler

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