Sunday, December 19, 2010

O Christmas Tree

When Hubs and I got our first Christmas tree, our cat promptly started climbing up the trunk. We always found him inside the tree. He was our first pet, found in a dumpster at my work, starving and skeletal. The malnutrition of his early years affected his brain, and he was never the brightest bulb in the box. Like the year he ran up the chimney. Thankfully we found that out before we lit the fire.
Most people who want to keep their Christmas tree nice keep it in a room where there are no pets allowed. But that's not how we roll. Our home is set up for the comfort of kids and cats, and it seems like we're the ones who need to adjust. And, oh, how we've adjusted over the years:
I love the smell of a Christmas tree, so we've always had cut trees. Since the liquid in the tree stand is an automatic pet attractant, my trees don't last, since I can't put preservatives in the water. Mountain Dew keeps it perky for the short time we get to enjoy it.
Tinsel is out, since it is fascinating to chew-and swallow. Resulting in an emergency vet visit.
Same with ribbons, for the same reason. My long suffering family and friends have gotten used to having a wrapped gift with no ribbons. I'm the world's worst gift wrapper, and haven't improved with time. It looks like I've wrapped the gift with my feet. In fact, it may be an improvement if I did.
Gifts don't go under the tree until the last possible minute, due to inquisitive kids and pets.
There are no ornaments below waist level. It's a waste of money to get fragile ornaments because they WILL hit the floor. And shatter.
I need to invest in a washable tree skirt. Like several years ago.
I've learned to place the tree in a spot where it won't break anything when, not if, it gets knocked over.

I look at this years tree, which is leaning drunkenly to the left. There's already way too many pine needles on the floor from the latest hide and seek game. Someone has taken a magic carpet ride on the tree skirt so it's MIA for the moment. It's not a picture perfect tree. As I reflect on the pets who have let us share their lives through the years, I realize it's the perfect tree for us.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. This is too cute! You are so right that Christmas trees don't have to be "perfect", but perfect for your family is what matters! Do you have stockings up for the cats and dogs? Our dogs stockings are up and already filled!