Thursday, December 9, 2010

'Tis The Season Part 3

Some people are reluctant to give outright cash donations to animal rescues, and with good reason. There's constant news stories of rescues being raided by authorities and finding animals that are neglected and starved, donations embezzled, and so on. And so the burden shifts once again to the taxpayer when these animals are seized.
Most rescues with a web page have a Wish List. Check their pages to see what they need. You can shop online for the items and have them sent directly to the rescue. A gift card to a pet or vet supply store is always appreciated, that way they can use your gift and get what is most needed.
Food. The animals always need to eat, no matter what time of year it is. This is the majority expense of all rescues, and what most donations go toward. If purchasing bags of food and delivering them yourself isn't possible, you can always buy credit at their feed supplier. Even the smaller local feed stores that the rescues use will usually put money "on the books" for the rescue if you choose to donate this way.
Vet Care.  Just as with food, you can call the vet the rescue uses and put credit toward the rescue's either current or future bill.
Office Supplies. Postage stamps, paper, printer ink, pens, envelopes. This is something most rescues need, but is usually in short supply since the majority of the budget goes to the animals. A gift card to an office supply store is always a help.

Remember, no donation is too small. Every little bit helps.

A special shout out to Rose's Fund for some help they gave to a very deserving client. This is a charity that is definitely worth looking into if you're looking for a way to help.

I'm planning on posting more ways to donate after the holidays. Happy Holidays everyone!

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