Saturday, December 11, 2010

Some Favorite Things

I thought I might give you all a break from my usual snarkfest and put up some of my favorite pet things. These are things I've used myself and I'm happy with. If you read my blog regularly, the day I'm unhappy with something, it'll show up here.
Taste of The Wild Dog and Cat Food
I'm truly impressed with this grain free formulated food. I started getting this for one of my dogs and I've just switched all of the cats over to it.

Dr. Elsey's Ultra Precious Cat Litter
This stuff rocks-literally. Ultra clumping, and dust and scent free. I hate scented cat litters. Cat poop smells bad enough, cheap perfume over cat crap is worse. There is no dust in this stuff, and the urine clumps wonderfully without breakage. Pricier than the stuff you can find everywhere, but worth it for indoor cats.

Soft Claws
A great alternative to declawing or having your stuff shredded. There's a learning curve and a bit of work involved to desensitizing kitty when putting these nail caps on, but over time it's second nature. These are also sold on ebay, the store in this link has great customer service and free shipping.

Mink Sheen Shampoo
This is a wonderful shampoo for pets. It lathers nicely, rinses easily, doesn't strip the oils from the skin and smells awesome without the perfume cover up scent some products have. This is made by the same company that wants to wash one of your hands at trade shows. I buy it at their booth at Equine Affaire, getting the gallon special. A gallon lasts a hair ho like me about 5 years, using it on my horses and dogs, so for someone who doesn't bathe their pets as often as I do, a gallon could be a lifetime supply.
Cashel Ankle Safe
I love this thing. Besides my helmet, I don't ride without it. I keep my cell phone in it since I want it on me should my horse and I go separate ways, not heading back to the barn when I'm on the ground. I don't like having things around my ankle, so mine gets put on just below my knee, and I've seen some riders wear it on their arms.
Mane 'n Tail Detangler
I've mentioned that I'm a major hair 'ho and I'm as bad about horse hair products as I am about human ones. I've tried just about every horse shampoo and tail detangler out there, as the half used bottles in my tack room are testament to. I don't love all of Straight Arrow's product line, but this one is a winner, edging out my other favorite, Canter Silk, because of the great price.

Horse Tech
I love this company. They manufacture their own products, so what you get is always fresh. They also do custom blends if you need them. UPS shipping is always free, with a hand written thank you and a small bag of cookies tucked in your order. Their customer service is the model that all companies should have.

Another company I love. They carry brand names, but have also recently expanded into carrying some of their own line. Supplements are the biggest category of what they carry (after all, they came up with the SmartPak) but they do have other supplies, and a small selection of prescription medicines and dog supplies. Shipping is a reasonable flat rate no matter the weight. Note: there are always free shipping codes. Again, a company with unparalleled customer service.

See any favorites in my list? What are some of yours?


  1. I'm going to have to go check out some of these links! I never thought about an ankle safe before for your cell phone. I keep mine in my saddle bag. But if I was thrown off my horse, I would be SOL if he took off! I'm also interested to see what Horse Tech has available! Thanks for the links!

  2. You're welcome! You've enabled me enough, I enjoy returning the favor.