Friday, April 22, 2011

Random Musings

This morning , I broke the crock pot. I was washing it and it slipped and a piece broke off when it hit the sink. I had the same thing happen with a light globe from the ceiling fan when I was cleaning it. Cleaning things is hazardous, and I should give it up.

Seeing a semi truck's grille when it turns into my lane when I'm driving a small car is scary. Seeing the words "student driver" on a banner across the grille may necessitate a change of underwear.

What the hell did the dog eat and why must he fart in the room I'm in?

Why must 2 of the most PITA clients come on the same day? And who did I piss off that made them show up at the same time?

It's bug season, and also flea and tick season. Be Ready.

I have to work double shifts and 6 days next week and I'm already getting cranky about it.

Happy Good Friday! Happy Earth Day! Happy Easter (my favorite holiday)!!

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