Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I mentioned awhile back that I'd do a post on other ways to help animal rescues if you can't spare money to donate-and with prices these days, a bad economy, and others needing help, who can? Anyway, as you spring clean, here's some ideas for items a rescue may be able to use. Be sure and check with the rescue first.

The most obvious-pet items, such as beds, collars, toys, leashes, food dishes. If you have leftover food that a picky pet has refused, pass it on instead of tossing. Leftover medications may also be appreciated.
Stationary/office items-printer paper, printer ink, pens, pencils, postage stamps, file folders, tape.
Old newspapers-great for lining cages or cat litter boxes. Storage boxes/bins/cabinets are always put to good use. Old cake pans can be put to use as a temporary litter box. Reptile and  some of the small critter rescues can put old aquariums and plastic boxes to good use.
Sheets and blankets and old towels are always appreciated. Some places are willing to take old t shirts since they can be used as part of bedding or cut up for bandaging.

I hope this small list helps when you start your spring cleaning, or as we call it, decrapification. A small thing you were going to toss may make a big difference to a rescue animal.  Have fun!

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