Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spa Therapy on Etsy- A Review

My skin is crankier than I am. Having battled acne in puberty and beyond, I'm now in that middle aged state of flux with occasional acne, wrinkling and sun damage. Finding that perfect balance between being an oil slick and a dry desert is a constant work in progress. Especially when the weather is being fickle.
One ingredient I've found that works well for me are moisturizers containing either pumpkin or pumpkin seed oil. I had found an awesome indie seller who made some of the best facial stuff containing pumpkin, along with some of the best soaps I've ever used. Unfortunately, she decided to close her shop, and I've been looking for replacements for my ever dwindling supply. I tried Mychelle's pumpkin products, and while I like them, they're pretty pricey, and I prefer to buy handcrafted.
I found Spa Therapy's Etsy shop doing a google search for moisturizers with pumpkin. The first thing that popped up was the Daily Facial Cream with pumpkin seed oil in the 2.4 oz size for $11.80, so I decided to check it out. Spa Therapy has been on Etsy since 2007 and with over 7,000 positive feedbacks, I decided to try it.
The site is typical for Etsy, with pictures of all the items and clear descriptions, along with the ingredients. Besides facial care, there are lip balms, body scrubs, perfume oils, body lotions and mists. bath and shaving soaps, and vegan deodorant. Since I wanted to sample, I ordered a facial travel pack (which isn't listed as I write this) and a full sized bar of  shaving soap in Sweet Blueberry.
Ordering was as usual with Etsy. I received an order confirmation and a shipping notice within the turnaround time stated. There was a handwritten thank you on the invoice, and a sample of body lotion in pink cupcake. Everything was well packed and none of the jars were leaking.
The travel pack was a small plastic bag with a button closure. It contained .5 ounce plastic jars of Velvet Face Daily Facial Cream, Night Repair Overnight Recovery Cream, Tea Tree and Papaya Clarifying facial scrub, and a small bar of  Patchouli Mint French Green Clay Face Soap. All you need with this package is some eye makeup remover, and you're good to go for facial skin care when you travel.
Patchouli Mint Face Soap-I like this. It takes off my face makeup and gets my face clean without it feeling stripped. Wonderful scent and not overpowering.
Tea Tree and Papaya Clarifying facial scrub-this stuff is WOW in a jar. If you've ever used any kind of papaya mask and marveled at it's drawing properties, you're going to love this. I put some on before I step in the shower in the morning and let it sit before I scrub. My face feels really clean and fresh and soft. Although it's a scrub, there's nothing harsh about it.
Velvet Face Daily Facial Cream- I'm in love. I like that it absorbs and moisturizes without feeling greasy, and my skin likes it. No obvious scent, which I like.
Night Repair-Nice, but not for me. It would be great for people with much drier skin than mine. I'm sure I'll be reaching for it when I've been outside in windy weather and my skin is parched.
Sweet Blueberry shaving soap-Those of you who have never used a good shaving soap have never experienced the joys of having the towel slide right off your legs after shaving. I've been looking for a good one since my usual source dried up, and I'm happy to say I've found it. Very creamy lathering and great razor slip, plus so moisturizing I don't have to apply lotion after I shave. Nicely scented (no fake flavoring scent here) but the scent is light enough not to clash with other scents.
The excellent customer service, good products at reasonable prices make Spa Therapy a shop I recommend. I've already made another order.

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