Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Saturday Shot Clinic

If you're still with me, you've read about Thursday and Friday and understand the frame of mind I was in today.

The first thing I see when I park my car is a man washing his hair in water from the spigot by the parking lot. We exchange good mornings as I go in. I get prepared for the day as Saturdays are busy, and we have 2 employees working.
Boss Man comes in and first thing he says to me is "You didn't bill the charity for the spay yesterday" I ask him when the hell I was supposed to have time, when he left me with a room full of clients to go to lunch when we were so busy. He proceeds to reach over me and write his name on his water bottle, so everyone knows that one is his. I say "good, now I know which one to spit in."
Today I work with a girl who works relief for us, standing in when there's not enough coverage. She's the youngest of the bunch, friendly and nice and just fun to work with. She's always loved working there, and for a long time wanted nothing more than to be hired. But even she's had enough and told me today that she's "so over ever wanting to work here".
Busy, but not really any ass clowns today. A good thing, since had I strangled Boss Man, there would have been too many witnesses. 

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