Saturday, August 28, 2010

Some Background on where I work

I should mention that Boss Man is a male who would be the target of womens right's groups anywhere. Most women who've met him agree that if he were the last man on earth, they'd take a vow of abstinence.
The other women employed there are my children's ages. They are great girls and I really enjoy working with them, although there are days that I feel every year of the generation gap. Two door down in our complex is a house of prostitution, thinly disguised as a skin care center. I don't get to meet too many of the people from the other businesses since nobody wants to deal with Boss Man, but the ones I've met seem very nice, although they tell me nobody lasts a year there.
The complex has been there for over 30 years, in what once was a nice area. Tough economic times have depressed it a bit. The few other business owners I've met tell me that late at night there's quite a bit of activity in the parking lot, mostly hookers turning tricks. There's also a convenience store that's been robbed a few times. We have our share of homeless people and a panhandler or two. 
I've been told that there is a man who lives in his car that the landlord lets park in the lot in exchange for "keeping an eye on the place." He's the guy who was showering in the spigot this morning.
I also think the guy who waxes our floors lives in the office over the weekend.

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