Saturday, August 28, 2010

The last few days.....Arghhhh

The last few days have been rough. I've mentioned before that economic necessity has only one employee per shift, which is usually sufficient unless we get busy. One of the girls has been on vacation, so the other and I have been covering her hours. I usually work the morning/opening shift, but the other girl asked that I close a few times just to switch things up and I agreed. 
I should mention that the temps have reached the triple digits. And in keeping with the usual luck, the air conditioner decided to die. So Thursday, my closing shift, the outdoor temps are 112, the office is 90. I'm a middle aged fat chick as it is, and I'm sweating so much my bra is wringing wet. Boss man comes in from lunch and is moaning that it's hot and he doesn't feel well. He holes up in the surgery room with his ass plastered up against the only working fan we have. Clients are few as nobody goes out in heat like that unless they have to, and it's the longest shift in the world.
Friday morning I open, and we are busy. Thankfully someone has mickeyed the a/c enough to give us some cool air. Except my boss is in a bad mood, going from being an ass to a true bastard and I'm in no mood to tolerate it.
We are busy enough to keep me on my toes with no paperwork. Someone comes in whose dog died the night before, he wants to arrange cremation with return of the ashes. This is a huge dog, who died in the hot weather. There is no way I can lift the dog to put it in the freezer, so I have him leave the dog inside the back door. I tag the body and call the cemetery. They agree to come right away (having stopped by the day before and knowing how hot it is).
Next client is a mange dip. The bathtub is in the back. Where the stinky dead dog is. I fly back there to cover the dog with a blanket so I can get the clients with their dog and do the mange dip. Mange dips take a ton of time, as you have to make sure the animal is thoroughly saturated with the solution. You can't towel or pat them dry, they have to air dry. I hand the dog back to the clients and go up to the front.
The waiting room is full of people and my boss' car is gone. He walked past the waiting room full of people, never said anything to them or me, and went to lunch. I get the people taken care of (buying food and refilling medicine). Then the cemetery guy comes in for the dog. The client had prepaid. Except there is no money in the drawer, nor is there a business check left for them. So I call Boss Man's cell, and he doesn't seem to get it. The last thing I want to do is leave that dog back there any longer, so I offer to write a personal check, but I need to be reimbursed immediately as I don't have the funds. Boss Man snaps "I'm eating my lunch!" and hangs up on me. I write the check, and help the cemetery guy with the dog, apologizing the whole time for the condition of the body. He leaves, and ten minutes later Boss Man flies in, writes a business check to me, throws it at me, and leaves.
If the economy didn't suck and I didn't have bills to pay and hub's business wasn't tanking, I would have thrown my key on the counter and walked out forever. If wishes came true, I'd be taller, thinner, prettier, and not have to buy my couture at Wal Mart.

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