Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Ass Clowns

Some ass clown rear ended my kid today. In the Starbucks drive through for crap's sake. Kid was just handed the drink. Ass Clown decides kid is done and hits the gas.
Kid is okay, truck is unhurt. AC's Beemer doesn't fare as well, hood is buckled, radiator is pierced. What makes this jerkoff a true ass clown is that not only does he hit someone in a drive through, he proceeds to scream at the kid, like the kid is at fault.
Police are called and info is exchanged. Manager of Starbucks (good on you Starbucks) is perfectly happy to turn over the videotape of the whole event. So Ass Clown can't blame the kid for what he did.
Seriously, WTF is wrong with people? Can you REALLY not wait another 15-30 seconds for your caffeine fix?
That's one expensive cup of coffee for the Ass Clown in the Beemer. Maybe the world is lucky and this nimrod can't reproduce. And hopefully he doesn't have any pets.
And is there anyone who drives a Prius that knows the rules of the road? 90% of the cars that cut me off and make me slam on my brakes are Prius. One of these days I'm not going to hit the brakes and give 'em a Chevy enema. A little of the Heartbeat of America up your ass might knock the stick out and make you realize you've got a fugly ass car and can't drive worth a shit.


  1. You forgot to mention the evil that is Buick drivers!

    This reminds me of when I was at McDonalds this summer. It was really hot and so we got frappes and ice cream cones-it was was two friends of mine, and my friend's little brother, who's maybe 11. The jackasses behind us didn't want to wait more than 30 seconds for their food, because like most people, they think they're so damn special and privileged and shouldn't have to wait for anything. They wouldn't stop honking at me, and I got pissed and gave them the finger. Then, after they got their food, they started chasing us down! Not to try and stereotype people, but it was two huge, tattooed guys in a truck, so I probably shouldn't have done that, lol. I had to drive like a freakin maniac and had to go into a random subdivision that wasn't mine so they wouldn't follow me to my house.

    I hate people. T_T

  2. That finger is essential for driving in So Cal. I call it my freeway finger