Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Halloween Trick..

Having today off, I had tons of errands to run so I can celebrate All Hallow's Eve. Hubs was off too, and decided to take care of some stuff . One thing required going up into the attic. It's a crawl space really,  you can't really stand up and walk around. Hubs left the ladder by the entry hole in the ceiling. Nobody dreamed the cat would climb up the ladder into the attic.
Hubs had caught the cat on the ladder earlier, and had locked him in a room until he was done. One of the kids let him out. A bit later we couldn't find the cat, and found cat tracks in the insulation in the attic. So a search ensued, with swear words a flyin'. And true to his nature, the cat didn't want to be caught. I sent the dog's leash up there with the kid, figuring it would be easier to loop around the cat and pull him out since they couldn't touch him.
It was a warm day today, with the attic being even hotter. They were sweating up there, and I was sweating down below-not just worried about the cat, but afraid of one of them entering a room through the ceiling.
They finally got him down. He was covered in insulation, overheated and shocky.
We immediately took him to the sink, and ran tepid water over him. He wasn't interested in drinking so I started syringing water into his mouth. After about 10 minutes, he started protesting his bath, which was quite a relief. He got shampooed to get the insulation off of him. We put him back into a room to destress and rest, and checked on him periodically. He's now terrorizing the dog like nothing ever happened.
This is the cat we saved from being coyote bait.
I'm sure as I celebrate tonight I'll hear coyotes. And they'll be laughing at me.
Happy Halloween!

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