Monday, October 18, 2010

I Got Bit

Today a woman brought in her little Chihuahua to be neutered. Thankfully, she did warn us he's a biter. Unfortunately his nose isn't very long, making muzzling next to impossible, so I had to wear the thick gloves usually reserved for handling pissed off cats. The little shit still managed to bite me through them although he was loaded up with tranquilizer. He was one tough customer, all 3 pounds of him.
When I was researching dog bites for my post on Pit Bulls, the information said that Chihuahuas are responsible for the majority of dog bites, but because they're small enough not to do real damage, the bites are rarely reported.
I'm not a small dog fan. HellCat would kill a small dog, he does enough damage to the big ones. And I do realize that dogs who might not normally bite in every day life may do things under the stress of a vet visit they normally wouldn't. Still, I can't imagine assuming the liability of a dog who is a known biter.
I try to treat all animals that I'm caring for as I'd like mine to be treated, but there are days, and this one was one of them.

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