Tuesday, October 19, 2010


...Is up with all these damned flies in my house? It looks like a Hitchcock movie in here. This is the main thing I hate about fall.

...Makes retractable leashes so popular? And why are they always attached to an uncontrollable dog?  If I get whacked with another one of these while the dog flies all over the office, I'm going to flip my shit. Do people ever read the packaging with all the warnings on these things? Why would you buy a product to use that carries the warning: "May Cause Amputation?" These things are the biggest POS in the industry, and the product clearly states that they should only be used on well trained dogs.Most owners of well trained dogs won't use them. I've had dogs come in with leashes made from baling twine, bungee cords, truck tie downs, or anything they find in their car when they show up without a leash, and none of these are as much trouble as a retractable leash.
...Is up with these tiny women with huge uncontrollable dogs, and why the hell are they wearing either heels or sandals to take these dogs to the vet's office? If something is seriously yanking you out of your shoes, it may occur to you that you need to have both feet flat on the floor to give it some resistance. Leaving the push up bra at home is a good idea too, since guess what else falls out while you're wrestling? I really don't need to see it.
....Is up with people who call and ask detailed meticulous questions about services and pricing but then get irritated about needing an appointment?
...Is up with people who call ahead, are clearly told the cost, then show up for their appointment and try to talk the price down?
...Am I doing still sitting here in my scrubs?

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  1. I'm so glad to know its not just my house that has out of control flys! I've resorted to hanging fly strips in the house!

    And the joys of stupid people! Sorry you have to deal with so many of them!