Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Whizzin' Wall

The reception desk in our office is behind a wall that has an opening with a counter. The client comes to our counter to state what they need, then they are there to settle their bill on the way out. Often, they spend more time at the counter than they do in with the vet.
It's common for pets to be very nervous in the vet's office, in fact, we expect it. Most of them never get in the car unless they're going for a vet visit, so they're nervous going in. We do have shrubs and bushes outside the office and most clients take their dogs for a quick visit before coming in.
I don't think there's been an intact male dog that hasn't lifted a leg and peed on the wall at the reception desk. It's like a doggie version of gangland graffiti-the new guy in the 'hood has to leave his mark.
Occasionally, I'll take the sponge mop and scrub the wall to get the top layer off and get rid of the smell to the human nose at least.
I've cleaned up some seriously nasty messes in my time as a vet assistant. In the surgery room, the kennels, the waiting room, wherever a sick pet is. It's part of what I signed on to do when I took this job. I've had to change clothes more than once at work.
But the length of a mop is as close as I'll get to the Whizzin' Wall.

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  1. Thats funny! Those male dogs...just can't help it, can they!?