Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Bargain Hunter

Boss Man is constantly complaining about the walk in traffic we get, yet we take them and don't charge them extra for not having an appointment, which is common in other vet's practices. I get tired of explaining that yes, you can walk in without an appointment and get services as long as the vet is here, but you take that chance when you do it, so I say an appointment is necessary. I get long winded calls from people who want detailed information that get pissed and hang up when I say, yes, you need to make an appointment.
I get a call from this guy who wants his dog seen for a lump on his head and he proceeds to make an appointment. Then he asks what we charge to see the dog, and when I tell him, he decides to pass.
10 minutes pass and he shows up in the office, asking again if he needs an appointment. I say the vet can see him so he goes in the examining room with his dog. The whole damn thing is so strange that I slip outside to make note of his license plate number.
Boss Man gives him an estimate of what it will take to remove the lump. He doesn't like the price and starts to haggle. I'm standing there like a spectator at a tennis match while he and Boss Man (the king of all cheap shits) haggle. They decide on a price, Boss Man tells me that he has to pay before leaving.
This dude is more decked out than a pimp from Pomona with his silk shirt and gold jewelry. The rims on his ride cost more than a year of my salary. Yet he comes to our ghetto ass practice and still shouts down the price.
I hold the dog's vein for the sedation and notice that the leg has already been shaved; clearly he's pulled this stunt somewhere else where they won't play. This nice dog can't upgrade his owner, so I can only hope he evens the score and takes a pee on those high dollar rims.

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