Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Boss Man's Bad Day

Boss Man blew up the Boss Mobile. On the freeway, in a busy city during traffic. I'm surprised the car has lasted that long. He drives it like it needs to be taught a lesson, and it's got tons of miles. Add to that he's busy with a charity event and will be leaving the practice for a week to visit his home country, and he's more stressed and short tempered than usual. And patience is never his strong suit.
We'll be having 2 vets helping while he's gone. One who does not do x rays. So Boss Man decides it's time to teach me to use the x ray machine and develop the film. I am not in the first flush of youth, and it takes my eyes longer to adjust to a room that's painted black with only a very dim red light. Plus, I've never handled this stuff before. And the door doesn't shut to I have to keep it closed with my foot while doing all this. "Aww, gawdammit" was his phrase of the morning.
Then we were neutering some kittens. This is quick assembly line type of work. The kitten was sedated and on the prep table. We use a Shop Vac type vacuum after we've shaved the hair to clean up. (This is all before the sterile field of the surgery room). must be vacuumed up. Boss Man points to a few stray hairs I've missed and I aim the nozzle in that direction. Not only do I get the errant hair, but also a surgical blade and a paper towel containing the testicles of the previous cat.
I can see the look of control on Boss Man's face. After all, he's leaving, and I'll be left in charge while he's gone. So he settles for a glare.
What can I say?
"Wow, this thing is better than a Dyson!"

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