Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Next?

Snagged this picture from shorty's rescue  page, without permission. If using this pic upsets Shorty, he's welcome to kick my butt, as long as he brings this sweetie with him. She's available for adoption.  But I digress....
Pit Bulls are the most controversial breed in America, and also the most misunderstood.
The county where I work is the largest county in the country. This county has passed a law that mandates that all pit bull owners must spay or neuter their dogs.
My rebellious nature hates the government telling me what I can or cannot do with a pet I take good care of. But I hate indiscriminate breeding even more.
77% of the dogs in this county's kill shelters are pit bulls or pit bull mixes. 95% of those are euthanized at the shelter because nobody will adopt them. What this means that out of every 10 dogs you see in the kill shelter, at least 7 have pit bull blood, and they won't be there next visit.
I see pit bulls all the time at work, they're still popular here, although many pit bull enthusiasts are getting into bulldogs (don't get me started.) I have never had a problem with a pit bull, and I've had to do some things that are invasive and uncomfortable to them. They may be less than thrilled with what I'm doing, but I've never gotten so much as a dirty look.  Some are very well bred, some aren't but they are fabulous all the same. I try to encourage the owner to have them fixed, stating the likelihood that at least 50% of a future litter will end up in the kill shelter. We need to get these numbers down.


  1. What a cute pic! I hope she finds a great home! Thanks for the information on the pit bulls. I don't know much about them. But I support spaying and neutering, regardless of the breed. Both of my dogs have been fixed!

  2. Thank you for a positive post on pit bulls. I worked as a vet tech for years a rescued a 4 month old pit from a fighting ring in Clearwater Fla. He was badly abused and in poor shape. I nursed him back to health and brought him home. He will be 12 years old next summer and I couldn't ask for a better dog.

  3. I love a good rescue story! Cheers to you and your lucky dog!