Sunday, September 19, 2010

Major Fail

So I get off work, change clothes and shoes so I don't cross contaminate work and the shelter, grab a kid and go off to the county shelter to check out the dogs.
Part of it was my fault. I forgot to bring the card where I listed the ID numbers of the dogs I wanted to see. Since out of the 83 female dogs available for adoption only 20 were not pit bulls or crosses, and several of those were little dogs, I thought finding them would be easy. I was wrong.
The only shelter staff guy I could find was rude and surly.
I have dealt with animal control officers in my county for many years. While I find that most of them aren't the brightest crayon in the box, they are usually pleasant to deal with. Of all the jobs in the animal care industry animal control officers and kill shelter employees deal with the worst of the worst. What I deal with are the freshman class of Ass Clown College compared to what they get.
Still, it's a county job with guaranteed employment. The starting pay is easily twice what I'm making, with sick pay, paid days off, vacation time, and health care, all of which I don't get in my enslavement employment. Maybe I'm slow, but I'd think that working the adoption center would be the happier end of this kind of job, since isn't the goal to find forever homes for the animals?
Needless to say, I left without taking anything home. The search continues.

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