Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cover Me, I'm going In!

My elderly dog is declining quickly, mainly due to Cushing's Disease. We may be having to make a decision sooner than we hoped. Hubs insists that we need to get another dog immediately, due to the fact that our lampshade wearing party-in-a-bag socialite Lab will probably break out looking for the dog that's gone. And agreeably we don't want to technically lose them both. I told him it's time to start looking NOW, so that we don't just grab a dog as a companion to the Lab and have a lifetime commitment to a dog we're not happy with. Guess who that task is relegated to?
My dogs are just dogs. I don't show them, dress them in clothes, have their portraits done or breed them. Not that there's anything wrong with it, I just don't do it. I have ample space for them to exercise, and my dogs are regularly groomed, loved on, and they see a vet. They've gone through basic obedience classes and know their commands. I don't need a pedigreed purebred, so the options are open.
Although I like pit bulls, I can't own one. My homeowner's insurance won't allow it, and I'm not willing to lose all we've worked for to keep any pet. I can't get one of those tiny ankle biters, hellcat will kill it. But still the options are open. Off to the local kill shelter.....

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