Friday, September 3, 2010

Up and Coming Posts

I'm planning on doing some posts regarding animal charities and rescues. These will be done in several parts as I'm new to blogging, way too wordy, and covering it all in one post makes for one long assed boring post. Eventually I plan on making some links in the sidebar to various animal rescues and charities. I'd prefer these not be the nationally advertised charities/rescues, but rather the smaller and local ones.
So if you're reading here, and have a favorite local animal charity, please email me the link at lvonpelt at gmail dot com (do the usual to email)
Tell me a bit about the rescue and where it's located (city and state). Also, if you do know if it's a tax exempt non profit (501 (c)3) please include that information. It is not a requirement to have it included.

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