Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Yeah, It's Monday

So I get to work and there's a note on the door. There's a pipe broken behind the building, call the property manager. Since I have no clue who to call, I leave it for Boss Man when he gets there. Do the opening stuff, go back to get the stuff out of the dryer that I left on Saturday. Big problem, water all over the floor from the squirting pipe.
Boss Man decides to call plumber first, since landlord isn't in before 10. Major fustercluck there, since he can't wait the 5 minutes before plumbing dispatch calls back to say they're on the way-and he's got me on the phone with another company. First place gets out and shuts off the water. Meantime landlady calls and yells at Boss Man-she'll send out her own plumber. He eventually shows up. He's fresh over the border and the only tools he has is a pipe wrench and a hammer. Uh huh.
So we have surgery patients start showing up. Only one who is scheduled. Cat Lady, who can't be bothered to get her ass up on time to bring the cat in, sends cat in with a friend. A charity spay, and I start the paperwork. Another guy who brings in strawberries for sale. He's been aggressively hitting on one of my coworkers, despite her repeated turn downs. He's not happy that he has to deal with me and I don't speak Spanish. He leaves the dog anyway.
Surgeries have to be postponed due to lack of water. I get several calls at home from Boss Man questioning which charity pays what for Cat Lady. Read the file, asshat.
Tomorrow should be interesting.

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  1. It was a true Monday! I hope today goes better for you!